How Does Your Car’s Air Conditioning System Work?

Operating similarly to your car’s radiator, the air conditioning system regulates heat inside the vehicle, sucking in warm air and passing it through a system of tubes, condensers, and refrigerants, transforming hot air into cool air.

What Can Go Wrong with Your Air Conditioning System?

Because air conditioning systems usually require minimal maintenance, it is one of the easiest vehicle components to neglect. Loss of refrigerant and refrigerant contamination are the two most common air conditioning failures. Even if your system is still producing cool air inside your vehicle, you may still be low on refrigerant and thus have an inefficient AC system.

What Can Houston A/C Compressor Service Do for You?

The secret to maintaining a properly-functioning AC system is regular maintenance and, above all, cleanliness. Houston A/C Compressor is dedicated to ensuring that every air conditioning component in your vehicle is clean and in working order. Our time-tested methods are guaranteed to leave your vehicle’s air conditioning operating smoothly and efficiently season after season.

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